Color Tipping


Here, a hair colorist basically takes just the ends of hair and lightens them, either by painting on the color
or by using foils for a dramatic effect. Go a few shades lighter then your own natural hair color and keep it
pieced and chunky.

This look is perfect for straight hair with a bit of body.

Maintenance: The great news is if you don't like it, the hair color is easy to cut off and grows out with your
hair. As a result, it looks great for 3 months at a time.


Rinse or Glaze: They both do not contain bleach or ammonia.

A rinse is a semi-permanent hair color. It stains only the cuticle that fades away in 6-8 shampoos. There is
no mixing and should be used straight out of the bottle.

A glaze is a demi-permanent hair color that does not lift or lighten. It penetrates the cuticle and deposits
hair color into the cortex. 

Demi-permanent hair color works with very low peroxide that won't damage the hair. It deepens hair color
throughout the whole head of hair.

It's good for toning down bleached-out, brassy, end-of-summer highlights and enhancing your natural hair
color. It can also be used as a tint back to natural hair color or on sensitive overly damaged hair. Plus,
it seals the cuticle, making hair color ultra glossy.

Maintenance: It takes 10-15 minutes for a glaze or rinse. If you have the demi-permanent hair color there
could be a bit of a line if you started out with lighter hair color. So, return every few
months for a tone down. 

Low-lights: As the name suggest, low-lights don't lighten hair, Instead a hair colorist strategically
deposits hair color throughout hair adding depth and contrast.