Blunt/ Romantic Bob

Who it works for

Nothing makes fine hair look thicker than a power bob. Unless you straighten it every day, this

hairstyle doesn't work for curly hair

Tell your hairstylist:

Ask for a blunt line, a shaggy one emphasizes thin hair. Get bangs above the brow. A more severe fringe

gives this hairstyle its sharpness



Trim every six weeks to keep the shape. Blow it straight to style and finish with a flat iron

A blunt Bob with bangs is an ideal hairstyle for completely transforming your image.

The blunt Bob hairstyle can be achieved with slight modifications no matter what type of hair you have.
However, it is perfect for hair that is already straight or contains only a slight wave.

There are so many varieties to each Bob hairstyle, and the blunt Bob with bangs that this model sports is
no exception. The short, blunt Bob haircut is one of the most timeless looks in history, and is flattering
to many face shapes.

A Bob hairstyle never really goes out of trend. Bobs can be both contemporary and classic and any lady
can look glamorous with the right bob hairstyle. The traditional bob is a short, glossy and severe cut
with all the hair being cut in to the same length, excluding, of course, the bangs.

The length of the bob is often between the chin and the shoulders. There are many variety of bobs from
which to select, and the length of a bob should be chosen based on the length and shape of a persons face.
Bangs can be summed to a bob haircut, which can look cute on some people.

A short sleek single-length bob will emphasize pretty facial features. Exactly cut chin-length sides with
shorter under layers will make the ends go under on their own and frame the face nicely.


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